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Oh my gosh. Has it really been since August? Shame on my less than frequent blogging. I apologize to you and my design business.

Over the past several months, I’ve noticed a certain trend in logo design. I like it. Many brands have begun with a retro and hip badge or crest-like form. I personally give this style my “seal of approval.” (Sheesh. I know. Corny)

I think that the badge represents authenticity and accreditation, which are both great ways to represent a business through branding.

Here are some boards on Pinterest that feature many logos of this style:

I have a client that’s on board with that look. I was excited to research and create by illustrating a textured mountain scene. This logo was all done in Adobe Illustrator. I started by drawing the mountain scene within and then created the circular design to encompass it. When we were satisfied with the form and type, I created a wood brush texture to polish it off. Take a look at the logo and business card design:

Sunnyside Strategies brand

Sunnyside Strategies logo and business card designs.


Mad About Mod

My eyes experienced sensory overload as I feasted on all the fab treasures at the Denver Modernism Show today. Cars, tables, chairs, bowls, plates, light fixtures, paintings, dresses, purses, jewelry, and clocks all from that lovely era of the 50s and 60s under one colossal roof. I salivated the whole way there, while strolling through the aisles, and then on the way home. I didn’t know which photos to post, so here is a montage I created for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

Modernism Show 2012

A Day Off

Fun Type

I sometimes need to take a (billable) day off. This doesn’t mean that my creative wheels are not constantly spinning. Yesterday, while taking a break from working at my desk, I soaked up some local creative color, dove into a new book and watched a design documentary.

I have family visiting from Houston this week. We took my aunt and uncle to the DAM because it was their one request of what to see in Denver. We did the general admission and saw so many wonderful things. My favorite was the temporary photography exhibit, Garry Winogrand: Women are Beautiful. With most photos dating back to the 60s and 70s, it was a blast from the past with women in every day walks of life dressed in the apparel of that time.

Last week, I was alerted that a book on hold was ready for pick up at the library. Imagine: How Creativity Works  indicates that the hardest work is done while developing a creative concept. I’m excited to uncover the mysteries of how new ideas develop in our brains.

While reading the first few chapters, I thought about the creative powerhouses who inspire me and decided to put the book down and turn on Eames: The Architect and the PainterThis influential couple made a great impact on 20th century design. They collaborated as if they were one person “communicating with images rather than words.”

Today, I’m back at my desk and ready to get things going and make magic happen while riding the waves of my “day off.”

The Perfect Pendant

…is a custom design.

I’ve been enjoying a few other ways to express myself creatively—candle holders, gluten-free cooking and baking, bass guitar, and now pendant designs. Inspiration has come from my travels, concerts, and textures taken from nature. Take a look below and let me know if you’d like one for you or a special friend:

StandUp Pendant Designs

Santa Fe Drive

Santa Fe Theatre, Denver, Colorado
Santa Fe Theatre

I would love to see a theatrical show here.

Twinkling Hallway

Between two brick buildings on Santa Fe.

Here’s another post about my (fairly) new neighborhood. I love living close to the Santa Fe Art District. First Fridays are hopping, but I also love to casually stroll down the street, without a care in the world, camera in hand. These two photos capture the romance and nostalgia of Santa Fe Drive.

New Neighborhood, New Ideas

I recently moved to the artsy, historic Denver neighborhood of Baker. All the intricately painted homes built in the late 1800’s are eye candy that spark creative inspiration for this graphic designer. I am in love with my new surroundings.

Here are a few photos from a recent excursion:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My creative partner in crime and I collaborated on this one:

Baker Freaks

Photo taken on the corner of 3rd and Kalamath

To Barbie or Not to Barbie

When I wasn’t playing barbies or outside with my pet rabbits, I was playing games with my sister. Think back to when you were a kid. What was your favorite board game? Candyland, Aggravation, Monopoly, Life, Mall Madness, and the Barbie Game are some favorite board games that come to mind. I can recall hours spent circling that old Barbie Game board in hopes to get my hands on the prettiest prom dress, the cutest boyfriend, and become president of the Drama Club. But of course, the game forces you to work for your possessions. In the first few squares of the game, you’re forced to enter “a chance to earn” where you can make your paper money.

What I really love about The Barbie Game is that it was my mom’s from when she was young. When I play it, I think of her and envision her excitement as she played. The drawings and typography on the board are beautifully retro. Here are a few pics:

The Barbie Game full board

The Barbie Game boyfriends

The Barbie Game dress shop

The Barbie Game class party

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